People make bets all the time about all sorts of stuff. Sometimes we expect people to live up to those bets when they lose and sometimes we let our friends off the hook. Busch Beer and NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick lost a bet and followed through on the terms giving us a millennial-inspired race car you’ll love to hate.

First, it’s pink, which in itself isn’t the most attractive color for a car. Most pink cars belong to proud Mary Kay consultants, but this one is an actual race car that will be on the track at the Monster Energy NASCAR All-Star Race on May 18.

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Back in November, a rather cocky Busch Beer tweeted they were so confident Harvick would win at Homestead, they’d “give millennials a v lit paint scheme they always wanted at a race next year” if he lost. He did lose and now they’re paying up.

They worked pretty much every millennial stereotype you can think of into this poor Ford Mustang. It was a team effort, as Busch even sought feedback from the public on its twitter account.

There’s some avocado toast on there and a participation trophy. The Bush Beer logo on the hood now sees the addition of “AF” because how can a person really mean anything without adding that to whatever they’re saying?

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It includes emojis and a few hashtags like #MillennialCar and #SquadGoals with images of the full Busch Beer lineup. It’s absolutely ridiculous and at the same time fantastic. Busch Beer even created a reveal video complete with dramatic music and an overabundance of smoke as they pulled the sheet off the car.

Next up the car will be taking to the track at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on the 18th. We’re hoping he wins, but also hoping Busch Beer makes another bet and loses.