More than a week after Lori Loughlin was charged for allegedly paying to ensure her daughters were admitted to the University of Southern California, Loughlin's daughter Olivia is reportedly furious at her parents for ruining her career.

Olivia Giannulli, better known by her online name, Olivia Jade, and her sister, Bella, are "suffering in their own ways from the fallout of their parents' decisions," according to an unnamed source quoted by Entertainment Tonight.

Olivia, 19, is a famous YouTube influencer who said she didn't even want to go to college until her parents "pushed" her. She wanted to focus on her career, but n"ow she's devastated because everything she built implode before her eyes . . . she feels they ruined everything," ET's source said.

ET reports Tresemme and Sephora, who both sponsored the beauty vlogger, dropped Olivia since the scandal.

Loughlin and her husband were among 50 people charged in the scandal. The parents allegedly paid $500,000 for their daughters to gain admission to USC as recruits for the rowing team, though they weren't actually athletes.

Though Bella would have liked to complete school at USC, neither of the women intend to return to USC.


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