All aboard the train to Flavortown — but hold on, we have to make a stop first.

Flame-haired celebrity chef Guy Fieri launched his new chicken tender-based restaurant in Orlando last year, with another location coming to Miami this spring and, apparently, more to follow "across the country."

The restaurant is called Chicken Guy! — yes, with the exclamation point — and offers chicken tenders both grilled and fried and served in various forms with 22 sauces to choose from. It'll also offer Chicken Guy's Fries, "which are flavored with a spice blend tied to Fieri."

According to the menu for the Orlando restaurant, the tenders come in sandwiches, salad bowls and just regular ol' tender form. You can also order "Mac Daddy Mac 'N' Cheese" (if you can keep a straight face while ordering it), "Flavortown Frozen Treats," fried pickles and more.

Let's talk about the sauces. They range from the relatively normal (garlic parmesan, ranchero, honey mustard, bleu cheese) to downright Fieri-worthy, like the chef's famed donkey sauce and a "special sauce" that seems normal at first glance until you realize it has mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and — get this — pickle juice.

So far, the original restaurant has four stars on Yelp, which is way better feedback than Fieri's notoriously horrible Times Square restaurant Guy's American Kitchen & Bar, which the New York Times absolutely ripped apart before the restaurant finally closed.

You, after eating chicken tenders slathered in donkey sauce: