State's death count was off by 67

Delaware News Desk
Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times
Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times

The Division of Pubic Health announced adjusted fatality figures for the state on Monday, June 22. About 75 percent of these died in long-term care, according to the death records.

"After completing a review of death certificate records from the Delaware Vital Events Registration System, epidemiologists have identified 67 additional COVID-19 deaths dating to April 2020. These were not previously reported to DPH through standard reporting procedures, but should be classified as confirmed or probable deaths, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention," the agency said in a statement.

Of the 67 deaths, 32 are classified as confirmed, and 35 are classified as probable. This death data comparison identified the following:

  •   32 individuals identified as a COVID-19 case for which DPH did not receive a report of death;
  •   26 who did not have a record of a lab result for COVID-19 in the surveillance system;
  •   9 who had previously tested negative for COVID-19, but for which the death certificate subsequently listed COVID-19 or SARS CoV-2 as a cause of, or a significant condition contributing to, death.

The DPH is reviewing reporting procedures by long-term care homes.