Propublica reports problems with the Medicare plan comparison website, recently upgraded at a cost of $11 million:

Delaware Insurance Commissioner sends an alert

Commissioner Trinidad Navarro recently released a consumer alert regarding Medicare’s newly-updated Prescription Plan Finder website.

Throughout this year’s open enrollment period, which ends Dec. 7, the Department of Insurance has received numerous complaints about the tool and anticipated prescription drug costs.

The finder is used to identify and compare coverage options; however, the tool’s focus on premium costs can confuse the public resulting in higher personal costs at the pharmacy counter.

THe website can show lowest premium costs first, but not the lowest total annual costs, as was typical for previous versions.

If a resident enters multiple medications, they may receive search results for plans that do not cover all of the prescriptions entered.

The federal government website is used by more than 60 million seniors nationwide. While the Department of Insurance has no direct authority over the programming, the office has reached out to members of congressional delegation to discuss solutions being considered at the federal level.