First show for CCArts new director, Melissa Paolercio

It’s not only Melissa Paolercio’s first time attending the Center for the Creative Arts annual artisan’s show – it’s her first as CCArt’s executive director after having come on board last summer.

“I am glad that this is my chance to experience it for the first time, I’m genuinely excited,” Paolercio said of the two-day artists and crafters show, that transforms the center on Upper Snuff Mill Row into a fine arts and crafts marketplace for one weekend each fall.

Paolercio said there is added excitement with this year’s show, as it has expanded its roster to 42 featured artists.

“We’ve just had so many people showing interest for the show, and we wanted to make sure that we were getting the best in handmade, quality gifts,” Paolercio said of the expansion.

Each year, the show’s panel selects some of the region’s best known artisans and crafters for the show, with goods as varied as felting and turned wood, to leatherwork, paper crafts and tons more.

There’s even a tie dye artist the organizers connected with through September’s recent Hot Jam fundraiser, Paolercio said.

“I think they’ve outdine themselves with this year’s lineup,” she said.

Paolercio took over as executive director last June, having worked previously in the performing arts sector throughout the region in a variety of groups and playhouses.

“That’s what my Master’s Degree is in – performing arts,” she said. “And this was an exciting opportunity – to become the head of an organization that was community-based, an organization that works closely with young people. I have spent a lot of time teaching young people throughout my career and I welcome the chance to get back to a more educational setting.”

She added that she’s an incredible few months getting to know the staff and the community that fuels CCArts’ various programs.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity, and my partner at the Center, Jennifer Hertz and I are looking forward to continuing to grow the Center and keep the feel as a community space where everyone is welcome,” she said.

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