Julia Nunes dished on re-watching her early YouTube videos and her favorite Thanksgiving memory -- before playing Philly on Nov. 13.

Julia Nunes and Elizabeth and The Catapult are reminding folks two heads are better than one on their co-headlining tour "Holidays Can Be Fun"

"If you love the holidays and want to celebrate, we got you," the co-headliners said. "If you're avoiding the seasonal avalanche and just want to escape with great music, we got you too. On this tour, expect intimate sets, sing-alongs, and stories from holidays past."

The tour's next stop will be at the World Cafe in Philly tonight. The opener is Chase Burnett.

Singer-songwriter Nunes will be touring with her new record, "Ughwow." Over the years she's attracted a loyal fanbase via YouTube with creating covers and original pieces. She's over 230,000 subscribers and recently released her music video for “Used To Want.”

Nunes dished on re-watching her early YouTube videos, her favorite Thanksgiving memory, and the meaning behind her new album's title.

You recently announced your old videos are back on YouTube. What's your reaction to watching some of those videos, some of which are 11 years old?

It’s like a mix of like joy and embarrassment.

What drew you to the title of "Ughwow" for your new album?

It encompasses almost all of the songs because it's both a sound of disgust and of pleasure. I say it about gross stuff and masterpieces, so I felt like it was the perfect title to represent these tracks that vary so greatly in mood.

If you could only eat three dishes for Thanksgiving, which would you choose?

Vegan mac and cheese, my grandmother's oven-roasted potatoes, and my aunt's chocolate peanut-butter protein balls.

What's one of your most memorable Thanksgiving moments?

One Thanksgiving at my aunt's house we went around the table and one by one asked my Portuguese grandmother a question about her life, or our parents, or to get her sage wisdom on something. It was so beautiful, and the first time I remembered feeling like I was a full-blown adult hanging out with my extended family.