Band frontman dished on his must-have dishes on Turkey Day and turning lemons into lemonade, ahead of their new show Nov. 14.

After supporting musical giants Third Eye Blind and Jimmy Eat World on their  "Summer Gods Tour" over the summer, Ra Ra Riot is back to pounding the pavement this fall. 

This time the road warriors are on their first headline tour for their new LP, "Superbloom," featuring the single "Bad To Worse."

Ra Ra Riot's next stop will be the Theatre of Living Arts in Philly on Thursday, Nov. 14.  

Riot vocalist Wes Miles compared the differences between bassists Milo Bonacci and Andrew Maury (who's filling in for Bonacci on this tour until he finishes his college degree), his must-have dishes on Turkey Day, and   notable situations where the band turned lemons into lemonade.

1. Andrew is temporarily filling in for Milo. What are some intangible qualities Andrew brings to the band, and what qualities do you miss about Milo?

It's funny how different it felt in the beginning playing with Andrew, even though he was playing all the same "parts" that Milo does. Most people won't notice much, if any, difference between their styles. But a friend recently pointed out that Andrew is much more of a "rhythm guitarist," and plays smoother, whereas Milo plays in a kind of uniquely angular way, which is more aggressive. Of course, nothing gets you acclimated and rehearsed like touring, so we're totally comfortable together now.

2. If you could only eat three dishes on Thanksgiving, which would you choose?

By far the best things at Thanksgiving are mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. I don't eat birds anymore, so unless I make an exception, I'd probably go with cranberry sauce.

3. Aside from playing on stage, what other roles/jobs do you assume in Ra Ra Riot?

Before this tour I made a master list of all the movies I've wanted to watch on the tour (mostly horror, since we started in mid-October) and by virtue of that (and having the most space on my computer) I've become sort of the movie guru this tour. So far we've watched "Hellraiser," "Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1979)," "The Battle of Algiers," half of "Labyrinth," "Police Story" and [a few nights ago] we started "The Sopranos."

4. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Just some low-key family time, possibly some cold-weather beach walks.

5.  What's a situation in (or outside) the band that seemed terrible at first, but ended up becoming a blessing in disguise?  

I think most bands go through this because of either optimistic timelines or other circumstances, but having to delay records is always super depressing. Usually by the time we're finished we always want to get it out as soon as possible, which is why I can relate to artists who put out records totally abruptly without any lead up. But ultimately it has usually paid off to wait in order to get the best release plan in place, and share the music with as many people as we can.