Authors and artists come together for fun, family-friendly event

The Hockessin Art and Book Fair rolls back into town Nov. 2, bringing some of the region’s best talents together for a single, fun, family-friendly event.

Now in its sixth year, the annual fair brings together writers, crafters, and artists of every kind, giving attendees the opportunity to meet with and get up close and personal with the creative forces behind these works.

The 2019 list of authors, artists, poets and publishers includes well over two dozen names, including YA authors Karl Kuerner, Aida Waserstein, and Rebecca Palmer.

You’ll also find poets Chris Tabaka and Juan Diaz, among others.

Publishers Cat and Mouse Press DreamStreets Magazine will also be available to discuss the other side of the writing industry.

Among the featured guests you’ll also find Newark based author Natalie Scott, who’s recently published memoir “The Sun Will Rise” follows Scott as she and her family recover from a devastating loss, offering hope for those who experience a similar tragedy.

In June 2011, Scott gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl, whom she and her husband named Eleanora.

Five days later, Baby Eleanora experienced a health crisis that, nearly eight years later, still has not been explained. She died a short time after being admitted to the hospital.

Scott explained that writing the book, which both chronicles her pregnancy and the tragedy as well as how she and her family handled the loss, was a cathartic experience for her.

“I can speak now of a peace I never thought I would have, deeper than I ever expected,” Scott said. “I didn’t know my purpose, but now it’s to help other people and let them know they’re not alone and that there is hope for future. Because a loss like this can be such an isolating experience.”

Scott said she hopes her book will help those who have experienced the same kind of loss will help readers find the same solace.

“It’s a process and it lasts a lifetime,” Scott said.

Find Scott’s book at the Hockessin Book Shelf, online at Barnes and Noble, or pick up a copy at the fair on Nov. 2.

The committee for the Art and Book Fair is a collaboration between Ne Castle County, the Hockessin Library, Art Studio, Hockessin Recreation Center, the Hockessin Bookshelf, The Written Remains Writers Guild, Center for the Creative Arts, and the Hockessin Business Association.

Admission is free.