The Music School of Delaware now offers for-credit college-level courses in several areas of music education, in a new partnership with Wilmington University.

The courses will qualify as elective classes for already-enrolled Wilmington University students as well as opportunities for high school juniors and seniors to earn college credits.

For-credit courses currently available are Elements of Music and Introduction to Piano. Students enrolled at WilmU who successfully complete these courses at the Music School's Wilmington Branch will receive three undergraduate credit hours as Fine Arts or Humanities electives.

"In keeping with our goal of providing students with learning opportunities by connecting with area businesses and organizations, we are pleased to partner with The Music School of Delaware," said Danny Walker, chair of philosophy and arts. "We look forward to expanding awareness of and continuing to build this partnership to promote quality music education in our area."

Elements of Music is taught by Music School faculty J. Andrew Dickenson and includes a 30-minute lab. This course covers the fundamentals of musical notation in treble and bass clefs, rhythm, time signatures, major and minor scales, key signatures, modes, intervals, chords and aural skills. These foundations will help enhance performance, composition and appreciation of music.

Introduction to Piano is taught by Music School faculty member Joan Fasullo and includes a 30-minute, self-scheduled lab each week. This course teaches students how to play the piano, in repertoire ranging from classical to pop selections. It introduces reading music, keyboard theory and piano technique. Ear training and efficient practice skills are included, with an emphasis on expressive performance.

Classes start the first week of September at the Music School's Wilmington Branch. Deadline to register is Sept. 10.

For more, call 762-1132 or visit