New tunes to check out from Franny Arrietta and Yoke Lore.


With a massive social media following, Franny Arrietta is joining the ranks of similar artists Maggie Lindemann who have gone from platforms like Vine and Youtube to their true passion, music. The Latinx singer is gearing up to embark on her next musical chapter with first single "Let Me Live."

The R&B/Latin-inspired track stays true to Franny’s aesthetic, with soulful & seductive vocals that don’t lose sight of her pop sensibilities. Of the single, Franny states, "It’s basically telling a boy to take a step back and trust me, that he has nothing to worry about, I’m his and no one else’s, but you gotta let me live to keep this going smoothly."

YOKE LORE x NVDES - 'Everybody Wants To Be Loved' 

Indie darling Yoke Lore's single "Everybody Wants To Be Loved" with NVDES comes out today. Adrian and Josh (from NVDES) collaborated on this bop which is an indie/electronic dancefloor jam. It's breaking up the release of the acoustic, more chill Meditations EP with a more upbeat and dance driven sound- even the artwork is fun and bright with neon colors. Adrian is also headed out on a huge tour, let me know if you'd want to check him out live. Here is the tune, let me know if you'd like to cover.