The Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles has implemented Senate Bill 168, regarding “Driver Education on Traffic Stop Procedures” offering resources to help better educate and inform drivers.

Introduced by former Sen. Margaret Rose Henry, Rep. Debra Heffernan and former Rep. Charles Potter Jr., the bill amends Titles 14, 18 and 21 of the Delaware Code relating to driver education on traffic stop procedures.

In support of Senate Bill 168, the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles has developed a series of videos that clarify and define the roles of the driver, law enforcement officer and others during a traffic stop. The videos are available at, along with the full text and links to download Senate Bill 168 in both English and Spanish.

Use of these tools can assist in the elimination of stress and confusion and ensure the safety of all parties involved during a traffic stop.

The Delaware Department of Transportation and Division of Motor Vehicles wants to ensure the safety of all citizens in Delaware. Partnering with local law enforcement for this initiative was an important step to ensure everyone is educated and aware of what to expect during a traffic stop.

“Working with our legislators and partners in law enforcement, these new tools provide a better understanding of traffic stop procedures and can lessen the anxiety that can be experienced during these situations,” said Secretary of Transportation Jennifer Cohan. “The ultimate goal is to help both the driver and law enforcement officer have a safe and respectful interaction.”

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