The band dished on their silly photo shoots, toughest fish in the sea and more, ahead of their Dewey Beach concert August 7.

There are a lot of bad fish in the sea. Scott Begin (drummer) and his Badfish bandmates are a few of them.

With the Rhode Island-based band, Begin and company have made a splash in the sea of Sublime tribute bands, sustaining themselves in this role for nearly 20 years, even outlasting the original lineup for the legendary ska-punk outfit Sublime by over a decade.

Begin and his band of Badfish brothers will carry on Sublime’s legacy with a concert at the Bottle & Cork in Dewey Beach on Thursday, Aug. 7. The opener will be Edjacated Phools.

You’ve done some fun photo shoots over the years. There’s one of you all sitting in a sofa in the middle of the street. What’s the story behind that one?

We never really plan these photo shoots, in terms of what we’re going to do. That one was taken in the alley in back of the Strand Theatre, which is the big club we play in Providence, Rhode Island. We had our buddy, Chad Martel, who’s a great photographer and he was like, “We’re going to do a photo shoot. What are we going to do?”

We didn’t have any ideas. Pat Downes, our singer, I think walked down to the end of the alley and someone had thrown out this love seat. He said, “Let’s grab it.” So we grabbed it and put it in the middle of the alley. I remember we went to the liquor store, and these didn’t make it into the photo, but we were holding 40 oz. [beer bottles] as a joke.

The one that made the final cut didn’t involve any beer, but it was funny. 

That’s the same thing with the boat photo. We were on this little beach and we must’ve taken 200 different photos. At the very end we’re dressed up in suits. We said, “Let’s dive into the water and take pictures.” We’re wearing suits and we’re all wet. Then we see this abandoned little dinghy boat sitting on the shore. We decided to jump in there; and I’m glad we did, because it ended up being the best shot of the entire shoot.

Artists like Tupac, Queen and N.W.A. have had biopics. Would you support it if Hollywood created a Sublime biopic?

Sure. I’m a huge Queen fan. With all the big biopics that come out from Johnny Cash and Queen, to the new Elton John one, I like all these musicians; and I grew up liking them. It’s always an interesting thing to see Hollywood’s interpretation of what people might want to see. Sometimes it hits the mark and sometimes it’s a little off the mark. But I feel like Sublime is a band that’s had such an effect on our generation of music and has been so influential.

Has your college education in computer science come in handy with the band?

In the early years I was able to put together our website. Granted, computer science wasn’t so much like website stuff, but at least I always sort of knew how to do that stuff when we started. Even still, I managed the website. All the online tools you’d use via social media or email marketing and websites, that was kind of stuff I was familiar with; at least in some way some of that knowledge helped in the early years of the band.

What do you think is the baddest fish in the sea?

I’d have to admit, I don’t know much about marine life. But I will say this, living up in New England, there have been some great white-shark sightings off of Cape Cod out in Massachusetts, and that scares the hell out of me, because that’s the one on my mind, since we have family that goes to the beach here in Rhode Island, and it’s not too far from Cape Cod; and people are seeing great whites in the water. I’m going to give in to the great white, because I guess he’s a worthy recipient of being the baddest fish in the sea.