Auditions are in August and September

The Music School of Delaware announces fall auditions for the large orchestral and vocal ensembles at its Wilmington Branch. Audition details for each ensemble are below.


Fall audition dates are Saturday, August 17, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 8 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. To schedule an audition time, call the Music School Wilmington Branch at (302) 762-1132.

An ensemble for youth to age 18, the DYSO is a supportive, motivational, and healthy musical ensemble led by Simeone Tartaglione conducting professor at Catholic University. The DYSO experience provides opportunities including sectionals led by coaches from the Music School and East Coast orchestras; guest conductors; and exclusive performance opportunities for members.

Winds, brass and percussion players join the DYSO after marching band season. To participate in DYSO, a student must participate in their school orchestra unless one does not exist or the student has been excused by their school orchestra director.

A blind placement audition is required. Students will be asked to play 2 scales in 2 keys of choice and will be asked to play both legato and staccato, and at fast and slow tempos. Additionally, one solo piece is required demonstrating contrasting styles (accompaniment and memorization are not required).

Snare drum requirements include a concert (multiple-bounce) roll at all dynamics. Please play any prepared solo by Cirone, Delecluse, Pratt, Schinstine, Peters or similar. Mallets/Timpani students should demonstrate their ability through scales (mallets), tuning (timpani) and a prepared solo. All students will be asked to sight read. 


This accomplished amateur ensemble for adult enthusiasts, led by Tiffany Lu, performs music from the standard symphonic and concerto repertoire. Featured soloists include Music School faculty members, acclaimed guest artists, and winners of the Music School's annual Delaware Concerto Competition for Young Musicians. The orchestra is currently looking for string players. A placement audition is required. At least one solo work and all scales should be prepared. Musicians interested in auditioning should call the Music School Wilmington Branch at (302) 762-1132.


An ensemble for students grades 7 to 12, this newly established choir sings great jazz and pop music in a variety of styles, including swing, Latin, and ballad. Students must have prior singing experience. Interested students should call the Music School Wilmington Branch at (302) 762-1132.


Led by Joanne Ward, this ensemble offers artistic and nurturing experiences for women who love to sing and have some choral background. Explore and perform a rich choral repertoire with a focus on choral and vocal technique, and develop your music literacy. A voice assessment is required. If interested, call the Music School Wilmington Branch at (302) 762-1132.


Led by Martin Lassman, the Small Wonder Jazz Singers offers a wonderful opportunity to sing jazz/pop music in a smaller group setting! The ensemble requires prior singing experience, but not jazz experience. Repertoire ranges from Duke Ellington to The Pentatonix. Interested parties are invited to sit in with the ensemble for a trial visit. If interested, call the Music School Wilmington Branch at (302) 762-1132.


The Music School of Delaware was founded in 1924 to provide excellence in music education, training and experiences for people of all ages and levels of ability. Today, the Music School is a nationally-accredited, statewide, nonprofit organization that reaches thousands of residents from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland.

The school offers instructional programs and over 120 public performances each year, and is the only nationally-accredited program of its kind in Delaware, and the only statewide accredited community music school in the nation.

The school's standard-setting instructional programs are delivered by a faculty of almost 90 expert artists and educators. Locations include branches in Wilmington and Milford and almost 20 satellite and outreach sites throughout the region.

The school administers a financial assistance program for those demonstrating financial need, and merit scholarships for the most highly-motivated students. For more information, please call the Wilmington Branch at (302) 762-1132, the Milford Branch at (302) 422-2043 or visit the website at