The Mary Campbell Center recently awarded Louis J. Capano Jr., its Joseph J. Picciotti Jr. Chairman’s Award.

Capano was presented the honor June 3 by the 94-year old Picciotti — the center’s co-founder and award namesake — the recognition honors those who have shown a steadfast commitment to serving and supporting the organization’s mission.

The Mary Campbell Center provides a homelike environment that helps adults with disabilities achieve personal goals and increased independence.

Capano shared with attendees that he grew up next to what is now The Mary Campbell Center.

Established in 1976, The Mary Campbell Center offers a home-like residential community for the care of people with physical and cognitive challenges. With 68 full-time residents, the center also extends programs and services to other organizations serving individuals with disabilities.

The Capano family has a decades-long history with the center and its founders that began as neighbors and friends in the same community. They eventually contributed to multiple projects that have helped expand the center’s services. In 2007, Louis Capano Jr., and his brother, Joseph, helped support an addition to the All-Star Room residential wing, donated in honor of their parents. Capano Jr.’s niece, Danielle Capano, is also a case manager at the center.

Most recently, the Louis J. Capano Jr. Family Foundation made a substantial commitment to the center’s capital campaign for new additions to its Farmhouse Lane and Comfort Zone “neighborhood” residential wings. The neighborhood concept offers residents a sense of homelike identity and consistency in staffing support. Residents in each neighborhood meet monthly to plan activities, events and trips.

Tours of the newly completed additions, as well as the chairman’s award ceremony, were part of the Founders’ Day Open House event.

The Louis Capano Family Foundation was established as a public charitable organization in 2006 by Louis J. Capano Jr. and Louis J. Capano III to raise essential funding and awareness for the nonprofits of Delaware with a specific focus on children and families in need.

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