The I-95 Corridor Coalition, in partnership with the Delaware Department of Transportation, in encouraging Delaware residents to participate in a brief pilot to explore the feasibility of replacing the current fuel tax drivers pay at the pump with a mileage-based user fee.

Pilot participants will have the opportunity to use new technology and provide their feedback on the funding approach and process for collecting a mileage-based user fee. There is no cost to participate, and no money will be exchanged.

Transportation infrastructure is funded primarily with a fuel tax, and the future of that funding is uncertain. As vehicle fuel efficiency increases and more electric vehicles are on the road, less fuel tax is being collected. While at the same time, more miles are being driven each year, and the cost of maintaining our roads and bridges continues to increase. The feedback gathered through this pilot will be shared with elected officials and policymakers and help inform decisions about how we pay for our transportation infrastructure in the future.

“The majority of the mileage-based user fee studies have happened in western states, and this pilot brings the East Coast perspective and its unique challenges to the national conversation,” said Patricia Hendren, executive director, I-95 Corridor Coalition. “While the I-95 Corridor Coalition is neutral regarding MBUF as the ultimate solution for transportation funding, we want to make sure that the voices of citizens along the I-95 corridor are heard.”

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