The clinics are located in Dover and Newark.

SaVida Health has opened two new outpatient centers in Dover and Newark to help combat the state’s overwhelming battle against opioid addiction.

Recognizing environment can affect our mood, the new centers, which both opened in April, feature an office aesthetic intended to make patients feel like they’re in an inviting atmosphere, compared to some facilities that aren’t as cosmetically welcoming, said Andy Ward, vice president of development for SaVida.

“We don’t want our patients to feel like they’re less than. This is a clinic /office and it should have the look and feel of a primary-care office,” Ward said.

SaVida’s licensed clinical professionals deliver comprehensive, evidence-based treatment that includes medical care, counseling, case management and long-term support. 

As part of its treatment plans, the organization’s doctors and nurse practitioners prescribe and carefully manage Food and Drug Administration-approved medications such as buprenorphine and naltrexone (common brand names include Suboxone, Sublocade and Vivitrol), which don’t require daily dosing like methadone and other conventional treatments.

SaVida’s own results show that after three months of treatment, 91% of SaVida patients test negative for opioids in their system, Ward said. 

The VP of development said it’s more convenient for patients to come to the treatment center once a week than everyday, whereas the latter is normal for a number of recovering addicts in the state and around the country. 

As a patient’s recovery gradually develops, they may receive the option to reduce the number of visits they’ll have to make at the facility, Ward said.

“Now as patients graduate through different levels of the program… if everything is going really well with the patient, after a few months they can come in every other week,” he said.

“We’ll give them a longer prescription. If they’ve been with us for six months to a year, or something like that, and they’re still doing really well, they might go to once a month. [They’ll] definitely taper down on their visits. Then if they’re doing really well, we’ll talk to them about tapering down their dosage during that period of time.”

A leader in outpatient medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid and alcohol addiction, SaVida prides itself on offering a holistic and customized approach to care that sets it apart from other programs by treating each patient on an individual basis through a range of tailored services to meet a person’s unique needs.

The company has 10 centers that cater to patients in Delaware, Vermont, Virginia and Massachusetts.

Sharon Shepard, vice president and general manager at SaVida, said their centers strive to educate clients about the blind spots that may be keeping them from recovery.

“Unfortunately, patients and families often lack information about effective treatment options for this chronic disease,” Shepard said.

“We help educate patients and their families. We also meet our patients where they are in their recovery and help them take important next steps, whether that is moving forward from a relapse or supporting their sobriety,” she said.

“SaVida's effective, integrated care model can help transform the lives of those struggling with addiction," Shepard said. "We’re excited to continue expanding our model of patient-centered care to more communities."