Eric Morrison announced his Democratic candidacy for the Delaware House of Representatives, 27th District.

He is challenging six-term Democratic incumbent Rep. Earl Jaques.

Morrison is a lifelong Delawarean who grew up in Bridgeville and has lived in the Newark/Bear area since 1992. He graduated from the University of Delaware Honors Program in 1996.

Morrison has worked as a teacher and tutor, as a Medicaid and health insurance business analyst, as a data governance editor and as a human resources project manager. He has held leadership and volunteer roles in numerous organizations and worked as a community and political activist.

“Please allow me to be candid. I believe that members of the 27th District deserve something we do not have now. We deserve a Democratic Representative who believes in the most basic tenets of the Democratic Party — like preserving a woman’s right to choose, protecting LGBT rights and safeguarding our environment. We also deserve a Representative who is responsive to constituents’ emails and telephone calls regarding their opinions and community issues,” said Morrison.

“I believe that we need profound change in many areas, including public school funding; a living wage and good jobs for all Delawareans; increased union membership; serious reform in criminal justice, health care, elections and campaign finance; protecting and expanding programs for our most vulnerable, like seniors, children and veterans; common sense gun control laws; strong environmental protections, clean water for all; and increased government transparency and accountability,” said Morrison.

“I believe that we face issues of great importance requiring prompt action. But when we work together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. We are capable of addressing vital issues courageously and successfully. If I did not believe that, I would not be running for 27th District state representative,” said Morrison.