Sen. Tom Carper released a statement in response to an April 25 article in the Wall Street Journal that reported the Donald Trump administration’s plan to massively expand offshore oil and gas drilling areas has been “sidelined indefinitely” as the Department of Interior grapples with a recent federal court decision.

That plan — now reportedly put on pause — would open up 90% of offshore areas for drilling, including areas off the coast of Delaware.

“An oil spill off of Delaware’s coast wouldn’t just threaten wildlife and public health, it would also jeopardize the countless number of small businesses and jobs in our coastal communities — especially those tied to tourism and fishing — that rely heavily on clean ocean waters and pristine beaches. While this is welcome news for the First State, this Administration’s deference to the oil and gas industry knows no bounds. As the Administration weighs its next steps with respect to its offshore drilling plan, I will continue to oppose any options that would open up areas off Delaware’s coast to offshore drilling,” said Carper.