Saint Edmond's Academy Head of School Brian Ray announced the hiring of two new administrators for the 2019-20 academic year.

Juliana McClellan was appointed the director of the lower form, and Steve Skolfield was appointed director of the middle and upper form.

McClellan served as a teacher in the Lower Form at Saint Edmond’s since 2015. Previously, she taught at Saint Joseph’s School-Yorkville in New York for six years. In addition to her classroom experience, McClellan has been a co-chair of the Mid-Term Accreditation team the past year and represented the school as a lower form admissions liaison. Previously, at Saint Joseph’s, she worked in the admissions department, coordinated after-school sports and was the math program coordinator. McClellan received her bachelor’s in elementary education from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and her master of school building leadership from Manhattan College in New York.

Skolfield is returning to Saint Edmond’s after three years at the University of Delaware where he worked as a statewide curriculum trainer and instructional specialist in mathematics. During his nine years at Saint Edmond’s, he taught math, science and engineering in the middle form. After graduating from Tower Hill School, Skolfield attended the University of Delaware for his bachelor’s in education and his master’s of instruction. He is currently working toward his doctorate in education at the University of Delaware.

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