Nemours Children’s Health System is using its $100,000 grant from Kohl’s Cares to help meet the mental health needs of children in the Delaware Valley.

During the first year of its Kohl’s Cares grant, Nemours secured a dedicated full-time staff member to collaborate and connect with local agencies and individual providers to create a seamless referral process for children who need mental health services. The hospital also provided workshops and follow-up consultations to community mental health providers as a way to share expertise and information about evidence-based treatments. Providers who participated in the workshops received an online resource manual to help them better assist with necessary referrals.

Mental health was the top need identified by a community health needs assessment conducted by Nemours in 2016. The assessment revealed that not only was there a significant gap in mental health services for children and adolescents but that parents were often unaware of the services that already exist in their community.

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