The Delaware State Police reminds bicyclists of safety and laws while riding along the roadways.

Entering the summer months, troopers provided the following information for bicyclists riding in Delaware.

Obey the rules of the road. Drivers and bicyclists are expected to observe traffic rules such as stop signs and red lights. Ignoring these traffic rules can lead to injuries that would have otherwise been preventable. Never ride against the flow of traffic. Drivers and pedestrians alike may not be expecting bicyclists riding in that direction.

On Coastal Highway in the Lewes/Rehoboth Beach areas, bikes are allowed on the sidewalks and must yield to pedestrians. However, in certain town limits, local ordinances prohibit bikes on the sidewalks. Avoid distracted riding, and wait to check cell phones until safely off the road.

Visibility can be an issue for bicyclists in the dark, so riders should take steps to ensure they are visible to motorists. Adding white front lights and red back lights to a bike, plus reflective tape or clothing can also increase visibility in the dark. It is against Delaware law to operate a bicycle at night without a front headlight. Visibility isn’t just an issue late at night — cloudy days and early mornings can impair motorists’ ability to see bicyclists on the road too.

For those bicyclist traveling in and around the beach area, the Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit will be offering to outfit bikes with the proper lighting. Lights are available for installment at Troop 7, 18006 Coastal Highway, Lewes, while supplies last. Contact the Collision Reconstruction Unit at 703-3269 to schedule an appointment.

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