Twenty-two speakers and poets will spread ideas worth sharing at second annual TEDxYouth@UrsulineAcademy conference, “Voices Behind Visions,” set for 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 31 in the Anna Raskob Auditorium of Ursuline Academy, 1106 Pennsylvania Ave., Wilmington.

“TEDx Talks are all about voicing your vision, and the speakers preparing for this year’s TEDxYouth@UrsulineAcademy have some truly inspired ideas to spread,” said Rhianon Husmann, who was granted the TEDxYouth@UrsulineAcademy license in February 2018. “This year’s theme ‘Voices Behind Visions’ expands on the idea of bringing a vision alive by speaking it into existence. It’s important to be able to visualize our futures, however, to speak about our futures marks the first step to being successful. At TEDxYouth@UrsulineAcademy our speakers will be talking about topics such as grief, relationships, academics, and music that will challenge our audience to ask questions about what their visions are for a brighter future.”

There will be three 90-minute sessions with one-hour breaks in between. Each talk ranges from five to 15 minutes in length.

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