State Rep. Jeff Spiegelman, R-Clayton, announced Wednesday that he has requested to have his name removed as a co-sponsor of legislation that would permit Delaware to join the National Popular Vote Compact and stated he will not vote in favor of the legislation should it come up for a vote in the House.

Spiegelman sent a request to the secretary of the Senate asking to be removed from Senate Bill 22’s sponsorship list.

“I did not anticipate the overwhelming opposition to this legislation from the constituents of my district. Even though I did my best in attempting to provide more information about the NPV Compact, the level of discomfort from a majority of my constituents was clear,” said Spiegelman. “I will honor my oath of office and represent my constituents’ opposing opinion on this issue and remove my name as a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 22.”

“I apologize for the angst that I may have caused by originally agreeing to sponsor the legislation. I love my country. I love my home state. I love the 11th District. It was certainly never my intent to go against the will of the people I have been so proud to serve since 2012,” said Spiegelman.

“I will honor the wishes of my constituents by removing my name as a co-sponsor and vowing to vote ‘no’ on Senate Bill 22,” said Spiegelman.