Blood Bank of Delmarva needs to alleviate a critical shortage in the powerful O negative blood type that hospitals frequently use for emergencies and surgeries as well as the frequently used blood types A positive and O positive, according to a press release.

The bank is urging donors to walk in or call 1-888-8-BLOOD-8 to make an appointment. Donors can also make an appointment online at

According to the release, BBD has a 0.8-day supply of O- blood, a 1.5-day supply of A+ blood and a three-day supply of O+ blood.

The bank aims to have a seven-day supply of all blood types.

The release states that O negative red cells are universal in that they can be transfused to anyone, including traumas when blood cannot be typed right away. O positive and A positive are the two most common blood types in America, respectively, and always in demand for hospital patients in need of blood products.

“All it takes is one accident to drain the blood supply, so the bank is asking for the public’s help in replenishing the blood supply,” the release states.

BBD serves all the hospitals in the Delmarva Peninsula with donor centers at

161 Wilmington West Chester Pike, Chadds Ford, Pa.,

100 Hygeia Drive, Newark,

221 Saulsbury Road, Dover and

1309 Mount Hermon Road, Salisbury, Md.