Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester issued a statement Feb. 28 after voting to expand the criminal background check system and close the “Charleston Loophole,” which allows the sale of a firearm to proceed if a background check is not completed within three days.

“Having met with Delaware gun owners, students, civic leaders and our faith community, it has become eminently clear we need to act now to keep our schools and communities safe — in every zip code across the state and country,” said Blunt Rochester. “The vast majority of Americans, including gun owners, support the expansion of criminal background checks and closing loopholes that allow firearms to fall into dangerous hands. For years, Congress stood idly by offering thoughts and prayers instead of advancing legislation to respond to this national epidemic with the urgency it requires, but this week, that ended. I was proud to vote for these bipartisan measures because the frequency of shootings and the availability of dangerous firearms cannot be accepted as normal. We must continue fighting for gun safety legislation, like an assault weapons ban, gun buybacks and an end to the ban on firearm safety research, so every community has the freedom to live without fear of everyday gun violence.”