New scale model will be used for special events

The Hockessin Fire Co.’s complement of trucks just increased by one, although you won’t be seeing the new one at the next four-alarm fire. 

Last week, company board member Terry Lake and president Danny Carrier drove to Lancaster County, Pa., to pick up a scale wooden model of the company’s 19-5 emergency rescue vehicle.

The new addition was designed and built by Ruben Beiler, of Lancaster County, Pa.-based Kinzer Woodworking, the same craftsman who built a scale model replica of St. John the Evangelist’s church for Lake last year.

Lake said the idea for the model playground-style truck came out of a board meeting late last fall, where it was mentioned that the company needed something they could use for the annual Fourth of July celebration in Hockessin.

“Danny said, ‘find something,” Lake said. “When I showed them the truck, they said that’s a no-brainer.”

Although the truck is based on a common design that Beiler uses, Lake said they ordered singular modifications that make it one-of-a-kind.

“He’s never made one quite like this one,” Lake said. “This has real wheels, a working siren, a bell – it’s pretty unique,” Lake said, adding that the trucks usually come with wooden wheels, rendering it immobile.

“This way we can push it onto a trailer instead of having to leave it in one place, which would kind of defeat our purpose,” Lake said.

The kid-friendly truck will be used for a number of special occasions, Carrier said, including the parade, Fireman Appreciation Day at Woodside Farm, the yearly Santa Claus neighborhood visits, and fire station birthday parties.

“I think it will be a great addition to the community,” Carrier said. “We’ve already had a few kids come through and they loved it.”

He added that the wooden truck would give kids a chance to get an idea of how a fire truck works without having to climb around the real trucks, whose sharp angles and edges can present a safety concern.

The new truck will be on display and stored at the Hockessin Fire Co., 1225 Old Lancaster Pike.