Anonymously report poachers, polluters and other violators

Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control launched a new law enforcement app, enabling the public to connect with the department’s Natural Resources Police officers, receive alerts and submit anonymous tips from their smartphones.

Developed by software company tip411, the Delaware Natural Resources Police app encourages the public to provide DNREC’s Natural Resources Police with factual and anonymously reported information leading to the arrest of poachers, polluters and other violators. The app is available for free download by searching “DENRP” via the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store. The app can be used with 100 percent anonymity, as tip411’s technology removes all identifying information before NRP officers see the tips.

Delaware’s tip411 system enables the public to connect with the three branches of Natural Resources Police to report crimes and hazards to public safety. In addition to enforcing Delaware criminal and motor vehicle laws as do all Delaware police agencies, DNREC’s three law enforcement branches focus on specific enforcement areas.

For the Environmental Crimes Unit Natural Resources Police, text keyword ECUTIP. The unit investigates environmental violations, primarily focusing on unlawful releases of liquid, solid and hazardous waste, and air pollution violations. Common complaints include illegal dumping, open burning violations, unlawful asbestos removal, illegal transportation of solid or hazardous waste and water quality violations for wells, failing septic systems and illegal disposal of wastewater. The ECU also has a K-9 tracking unit.

For Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police, text keyword FWTIP. Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police, including two K-9 tracking units, investigate hunting, fishing and boating violations; respond to and investigate boating and hunting accidents; respond to poaching complaints through operation game theft; and patrol state-owned boating access areas, fishing ponds and piers and 19 state wildlife areas encompassing nearly 65,000 acres statewide. Officers also conduct marine law enforcement patrols and boating safety checks on Delaware waterways, including the state’s three-mile offshore limit in the Atlantic Ocean.

For State Parks Enforcement Natural Resources Police, text keyword STATEPARKTIP. Delaware’s Park Rangers patrol 16 state parks encompassing more than 26,000 acres. Rangers enforce park rules and regulations such as surf fishing regulations, campground policies, trespassing in restricted areas and hunting, fishing and boating on state parks properties. Rangers also respond to and investigate visitor injuries, motor vehicle accidents and all other crimes and offenses occurring in or near Delaware’s state parks. Alerts including park closings, special event notifications and weather advisories will be available through the app.

Anyone without a smartphone can send an anonymous text tip via their cellphone to Delaware Natural Resources Police officers by texting the appropriate NRP section keyword as listed above and their message/tip to 847411 (tip411). For more, visit

Tip411 users also are advised that DNREC’s new app does not take the place of dialing 911 for immediate emergency response. In the event of an emergency situation, call 911.

To report possible crimes, DNREC’s Natural Resources Police also can be reached by phone.

The Environmental Crimes Unit Natural Resources Police 24-hour Environmental Emergency Response Line is 800-662-8802. To contact Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police for illegal hunting, fishing or boating activities, call 800-523-3336; for operation game theft or wildlife crimes, call 800-292-3030. For State Parks Enforcement Natural Resources Police 24-hour dispatch, call 739-4580.