Relationships between area schools and museums help create new opportunities

The Charter School of Wilmington recently received a donation of “gently used” scientific equipment in an ongoing partnership with the school.

The donation comes following the recent renovation of Winterthur’s Scientific Research and Analysis Laboratory (SRAL).

John Castle, Director of Facilities for Winterthur, whose two children are recent Charter School graduates, said he organized the donation because fo hios children’s success both during and after their tenure at the school.

“They’re been very successful so far in college, and a lot of that is based on their experience here,” Castle said.

Castle said he’s been personally delivering equipment for the last several years, knowing the school can use help but also in support of the school’s scientific efforts.

“It seems like a great idea,” he said.

Last week, members from the SRAL, including manager Rosie Grayburn, toured newly renovated classrooms, and got an up-close view of the school’s new nanotechnology lab, which is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that includes 3D printers and an electron microscope.

“I am very excited about the possibility of future STEAM partnerships for Winterthur’s school programming,” she said in a statement from Winterthur.

School communications director Donna Urban said that while the donation is very welcome, the relationships between the school and organizations like Winterthur have broader benefits.

“When they offer things like free tickets or memberships, they’re often going to a kid who has never heard of these things, and they share them with their friends and family,” Urban said.

Castle said the blending of art, science, and technology used at Winterthur may show students with an interest in art another side of the industry.

“How many kids here are going to science classes, not realizing that if they have a passion for art, they can link those two things together,” he said. “You can work on really great art at the same time as being a scientist. And I think this relationship can help build that.”