Cross Talks one of many ministries at Trinity Church

A Hockessin based ministry is expanding its unique program into Pennsylvania later this month.

Founded in 2018 by Soraya Gutman, “Cross Talks” takes a biblical approach to matters of business, with a roster of members that focus on different areas.

Gutman started out with two Cross Talks groups in Delaware, including one at Hockessin’s Trinity Community Church on Lancaster Pike.

Since then, Trinity Pastor Robert Kossak – who serves as managing director for Cross Talks – said it has become one of the most impactful ministries ever hosted at The Well, Trinity’s current headquarters.

“We now host over 20 ministry events that aren’t directly affiliated with Trinity, which is part of our message and mission,” Kossak said. “It’s not about what church you go to – it’s about bringing community together.”

With each session focusing on hands-on business lessons from a different biblical character or verse, Gutman said Cross Talks created to meet a critical need.

“Most business owners are open to learning about God but are not clear how to apply God’s wisdom in a practical way,” she said, “God gave me a passion and talent to help business owners on the cusp of growth, and having worked with hundreds of business owners for over a decade, I saw that business owners who were able to make more profit, find freedom, and have more productive employees were applying powerful lessons from characters in the Bible.”

Kossak said he’s been moved to see what god has done through Cross Talks, and is oroud to have been asked to be part of the team.

“I’ve been blown away by the growth and depth and the relational connectivity of this ministry – it’s unique as a pastor, and I’ve been in game a while and never seen anything like this.”

For his pastoral involvement – the spiritual and theological component – Kossak will deliver this month’s keynote address, speaking on the subject, “There’s No Elevation in Any Organization Without Delegation.”

The speech, he noted, will focus on biblical verses Acts 1-7, and the organizational structure of those called to church in the 1st Century.

Gutman said she hopes to see Cross Talks expand to the national level, with “Bible-based think tanks across the United States for entrepreneurs and business owners who have a positive mind-set, giving spirit, and motivation to grow.”

The Cross Talks leadership team includes Liz Brown, vice president; Pastor Robert Kossak, managing director; Brooke Miles, chief operating officer; and Ken Evans, board member. Two Cross Talks groups meet regularly in Delaware every month, and a new Cross Talks group is launching in Pennsylvania in August.

The monthly networking events are open to individuals of any background or religion.

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