Joshua August held on multiple charges stemming from bizarre assault

New Castle County Police have identified 25-year old Joshua August as the man who assaulted the pastor at Resurrection Church in Pike Creek on Monday, July 30.

Following his arrest on Monday night, August was transported from a local hospital to New Castle County Police Headquarters and charged with felony assault first degree, misdemeanor assault third degree, resisting arrest, and criminal mischief, police said.

August was arraigned at Justice of the Peace Court 2 and is currently being held in lieu of $52,250 secured bail.

Police say that on July 30, August assaulted a pastor at Ressurection Church on Skyline Drive in Pike Creek.

Police said they were initially dispatched for a report of an assault that had occurred inside of the church.

When police arrived, a white male subject was observed skating away on a skateboard.

Witnesses directed the incoming units towards the subject and after a brief struggle the white male was apprehended and detained, police said.

Officers then learned from the church employees that the subject, later identified as August, was inside the church and could be heard arguing with one of the pastors inside of the pastor’s office, police said.

After the argument, they heard what sounded like a struggle and when they entered the office, they saw the pastor was lying on the floor.

While the pastor was on the floor, witnesses observed August punching and kicking him about the stomach and the face numerous times, police said.

Church employees attempted to break up the fight but August pushed them aside and went into another room, grabbed a bottle of wine, and poured it all over the injured pastor.

According to the witnesses, August then struck the pastor in the head with the bottle, grabbed a can of compressed, air and sprayed it into the pastor’s mouth, police said.

Church employees were then able to lure August out of the church by telling him that they would give him a ride and money.

Once outside, they then locked the front door locking him outside. August then struck the door multiple times trying to get back in, and while he did break the main doors of the church, he was not able to get into the locked church office, police said.

The victim was transported to a local hospital where he was listed as in stable condition.