Theft-prevention tips

The Delaware State Police report a rise in vehicle break-ins statewide.

This is not only occurring to residents who live on unlit county roads, but also those who live in well-lighted developments and mobile home parks. There have been multiple arrests in these cases, but other individuals are continuing to target vehicles.

The DSP’s tips to prevent a theft:

— Keep doors locked and windows shut at all times.

— Do not leave items of value inside: purses, wallets, credit cards, electronics, checkbooks, money, Social Security card, loose change, documents and paperwork with personal information.

— Store valuable tools inside. If needed daily for work, create an easy system to load and unload, such as storage containers.

— Lock the glove box, which should only store registration and insurance cards. Do not store vehicle title in the glove box. Store it in a safe place in a residence.

— Do not leave items that appear valuable, such as a laptop case with no laptop.

— Clear the vehicle of all clutter and personal items. Thieves can think valuables are hidden underneath.

— Do not keep a spare vehicle key hidden in the same vehicle. Do not store house keys or other keys in it.

— If possible, parked in a lighted area that can be checked from a residence. Those with security systems should include their vehicles in camera range. If a suspicious person is on property or near vehicles call 911 immediately. Do not confront them.

— Be a good witness for neighbors. Pay attention to what is going on in the neighborhood, and report suspicious activity.