Sens. Tom Carper and Chris Coons joined colleagues in a letter signed by 47 senators calling on the Donald Trump administration to halt a proposed regulation that would expand the use of short-term health care plans.

These junk health insurance plans would raise premiums for older Americans and harm millions of people living with pre-existing conditions. The senators expressed their opposition to the proposed rule to expand junk plans, CMS-9924-P, ahead of the deadline for public comment on April 23.

“If finalized, the rule could increase costs and reduce access to quality coverage for millions of Americans, harm people with pre-existing conditions, and force premium increases on older Americans,” the senators wrote. “This rule expands the sale and marketing of ‘junk plans’ that exclude basic benefits including hospitalization, prescription drugs, mental health services, substance abuse treatment and maternity care. We urge you not to finalize the proposed rule and instead work with us to ensure that all American families have choices of affordable, meaningful health care coverage.”

“We are committed to making health insurance premiums more affordable for all consumers and expanding the number of options, and we stand ready to work with the administration and our colleagues in Congress to achieve these goals,” the senators wrote. “Unfortunately, creating a new class of health insurance plans that lack basic patient protections and could lead to higher prices for seniors, those with pre-existing conditions and any American who wants to purchase a plan with comprehensive benefits does not achieve this goal.”