The rock band will tour to Wilmington on May 1.

Akron, Ohio band Red Sun Rising hails from the same hometown as Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James. 

Like King James, the rock band has been on a mission to demonstrate their greatness, currently doing so while on their first headlining tour, promoting their new sophomore album, “Thread.”

The album art offers a psychedelic aesthetic, depicting a surreal garden of melted sunflowers with eyeballs.

The latest single off the album is “Deathwish,” a song offering opulent melodies meshed with grim optics in the the band’s music video.

The tune has cracked Billboard’s Active Rock Chart.

During Red Sun Rising’s tour, the clan will support veteran rockers The Used for a few dates, starting at The Queen in Wilmington on May 1.

Red Sun frontman Mike Protich touched on whether King James will forsake the Cavs again, the meaning behind their catastrophic video for “Deathwish,” and touring with The Used.

Will LeBron leave Cleveland if he doesn’t win a championship this summer?

It’s a touchy subject, because there’s so much word that he is leaving. I don’t know exactly where he would go, to be honest with you. That would suck. But we’re trying to enjoy him being here as much as we can, obviously. It’s nice to finally have a Cleveland sports team that’s good.

Since LBJ already brought Cleveland its first ever championship, would the city be more forgiving if he left a second time?

The city would be more forgiving for sure. There’s still going to be those people who are going to hate on him. But he did what he said he was going to do: he said he was going to bring us home a title and he did. He didn’t promise us multiple titles. He said he was going to bring us one; and he did. You can’t hate him for that.

The album art for “Thread” is pretty trippy. What’s the story behind it?

We wanted a different way to represent a sun. So we came up with the sunflower. This record is more of an organic record, so we thought that was even more fitting to have this flower. The elements within the flower’s eye represents each band member, and those elements are specific to each member. It was just a cool little way to represent the band, instead of just putting a photo of us up there or something. And it represents the growth and evolution of the music.

The music for “Deathwish” is beautiful. But the video is a little unnerving. What’s your interpretation of it?

The video is more of a depiction of the apocalypse in a worldly sense, where the lyrics of the song are more of an apocalypse of the self sense. The song is about self-fulfilling prophecies and how they can destroy your life. We chose a director who specializes more in darker short films. He accomplished it well; and “Deathwish” is like a mini soap opera of all these people on the day of the apocalypse.

What’s it like touring with a bigger band like The Used? On day one, do you introduce yourself to the guys, or do you wait for them to come speak to you first?

Our whole thing is just be as professional as possible at shows; and just be nice people, who we are naturally, and respect that it’s their show. But we’re going to do our show, without getting in their way. We’re going to deliver a show ever night.

As your band’s popularity grows, have you considered leveraging your celebrity into another art form, like acting?

I’d love to do that. I’ve talked about going to casting calls, just to have the experience; not because I’m a great actor or anything. I think that’d be a fun experience that I’ve never done. I’m always about new experiences. It would be nice to have that other thing I could do outside of music when I’m off the road. Right now music is my life and it’s consuming me. I eat, sleep and breathe it every day. Hopefully it gets to a point where I do have some free time to do something else that I’ve always wanted to do.