Sen. Chris Coons, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, announced he will oppose CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s nomination to serve as secretary of state.

“After careful consideration, I have decided that I will oppose CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s nomination to become secretary of state,” said Coons.

“While I respect his background of military and public service and am encouraged by his stated commitment to our diplomatic corps, I remain concerned that Director Pompeo will embolden, rather than moderate or restrain, President Trump’s most belligerent and dangerous instincts,” said Coons.

“I do not make this decision lightly or without reservations. I am convinced Director Pompeo would be a strong advocate for the career professionals of the State Department and that he would repair some of the damage that vacancies and budget uncertainties have created over the past eighteen months. He is also knowledgeable and clear-eyed about the diplomatic and security challenges we face around the world,” said Coons.

“However, I remain concerned that Director Pompeo will not challenge the president in critical moments. On vital decisions facing our country, Director Pompeo seems less concerned with rule of law and partnership with our allies and more inclined to emphasize unilateral action and the use of force,” said Coons.

“Finally, Director Pompeo’s past statements as a congressman and candidate on a range of issues give me great concern since the role of secretary of state is in part to speak for all Americans on issues of our shared values to rest of the world,” said Coons.

“Given these reasons, I will oppose Director Pompeo’s nomination in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday,” said Coons.