Yorklyn Live! Open Mic Night every third Thursday, 7 to 9 p.m.

The Center for the Creative Arts in Yorklyn’s monthly Open Mic Night attracts some of the best and most interesting talent the region has to offer.

As part of our ongoing livestreaming of the action each third Thursday of the month, the Hockessin Community News will occasionally highlight some of that talent with an exclusive Q&A.

This month features 41-year-old Pape Demba Samb, whose traditional African drumming brought down the house last month.

Name: Pape Demba Samb,  aka "Paco"
Age 41
Hometown: Dakar, Senegal

Q How does it feel to expose your country's music and culture to others?
A  I feel very happy to show them my culture.  I want to share my African culture.  I grew up in a griot [a member of a class of traveling poets, musicians, and storytellers who maintain a tradition of oral history in parts of West Africa] family.  My whole life is as a musician.  I started playing djembe at seven because my whole family plays drums and dances and sings.  I can also dance and sing. Also, I like to teach people.

Q Who are the people that are most attracted to learning your style of music?
A I love to teach.  I can teach anyone.  I am very [eager] to teach beginners.  I have different ways of teaching between beginners and advanced.  I love to work with people who have never touched a drum before.  I know how to help them.

Q What is the message you hope to give people who see you perform or take lessons?
A  For lessons, I try to instill love in the students.  I encourage students not to be shy or afraid but to be comfortable.  My way is to listen to my students and give you full love.  If you have questions, ask me and I will help you. For performance, I am ready to do my show.  I like to give people good energy through the drums and my African culture.  Always before a performance, I say to myself that I want to give the audience love and make them happy.  Also, African drums are always played in a group and includes singing and dancing and sometimes storytelling.  These are inseparable from the music in African culture.