All fireworks remain illegal in Delaware, except in the hands of certified technicians

While they’re still a no-no in Delaware, Pennsylvania now allows for the sale and use of Class C aerial fireworks previously restricted to out-of-state sales only.

The law went into effect at midnight, Dec. 31, just in time for New Year’s Eve.

Introduced late in the year as part of a tax incentive package, the HB 542, allows for state residents 18 and older to purchase and use Class C fireworks.

Individual municipalities' legal restrictions on fireworks remain in place and enforceable.

According to The Philly Voice, the law will generate revenue for first responders statewide by adding a 12 percent fireworks tax on top of six percent sales tax.

The use, sale, and possession of all fireworks, including simple ones like sparklers, remain illegal throughout Delaware.

“Only regulated public displays are permitted in Delaware. Trained professionals who meet specific regulations issued by the Office of the State Fire Marshal conduct these displays,” according to the State Fire Marshal’s website.

HB 218, cosponsored by Rep. Joe Miro, R-Pike Creek Valley and Sen. David Lawson in 2016, attempted to amend Chapter 69 of the state’s Title 16 health and safety code on the use of certain “ground-based and hand-held sparklers and certain other nonexplosive, non-airborne novelty items regulated by the federal government to be sold and used in the State.” 

The bill, however, is currently dead.