Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library recently received a $215,800 federal grant to help quantify needs for accessible storage, which in turn will help restore the integrity of installations created by founder Henry Francis du Pont and improve interpretation for the public.

The grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services will allow the museum to hire two full-time curatorial assistants for two years.

This project will strengthen Winterthur’s understanding of its 90,000 objects and their history, and it will improve records on authenticity, historical context and provenance.

Winterthur recently embarked on a 10-year plan to improve collection storage and accessibility, which it calls its highest priority. The first year of the funded project will focus on establishing a prioritized list of objects in 175 rooms and in storage that require further research. The second will concentrate on carrying out this research and delivering a report with a prioritized list of objects that would be moved to a new accessible storage facility or for possible deaccession.

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