The Delaware Emergency Management Agency initiated an account with the social media app Nextdoor, a free, private social network for neighborhoods with more than 73,000 members in Delaware.

DEMA will use Nextdoor’s public agencies platform to enhance communication between the department and Delaware residents. Use of the app by organizations like DEMA allow for notification on a statewide or countywide basis. Nextdoor also gives DEMA the ability to send emergency notifications to specific communities throughout the state.

DEMA used Nextdoor for its first public notification with information sent to New Castle County members regarding the Oct. 5 potassium Iodide distribution for residents of a 10-mile radius of the Salem/Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Station.

After its initial posting to inform Delaware members that DEMA signed up to use the Nextdoor app, DEMA received more than 700 responses from members thanking the agency for adding another means of notifying residents of emergency situations in their neighborhoods.