Part of annual Peace Week events

On Sunday, Sept. 24, Resurrection Catholic Parish in Pike Creek will host a panel discussion, “Pathways to Peace: Broadening our Understanding of American Muslims,” in conjunction with statewide Peace Week activities.

Resurrection member Peggy Smith said the church reached out to the local Muslim community because other members had questions about their religion and culture.

“There is really so much misunderstanding,” Smith said. “Some are very general questions, like why do they wear their head coverings, to do they all represent or [endorse] terrorism, to what is it like to be a Muslim in our society?”

Smith said a focus on education, and understanding and embracing differences, is the key to living together.

“They are people who are members of our community, that have reached out and helped us as a community,” Smith said. “This [event] is not a ‘Resurrection Parish’ thing; it’s a community thing, a chance to share and grow and learn about our Muslim neighbors, and that’s important.”

Sen. Chris Coons is expected to make an opening statement at the event.

Panelists include:

Shiekh Abdel Hadi:  Iman, Ibrahim Mosque, Newark;

Dr. Muqtedar Kahn:  Professor of Islamic Studies, University of Delaware;

Dr. Naveed Baqir:  Delaware Director of Global and Muslim Affairs; and

Iram Shaukat:  Member, Islamic Society of Delaware.

There will be a discussion with parishioners and the public after the event.  Mediterranean dishes will also be available for sampling following the discussion.

The event is open to the public. For more information, visit