New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer and a member of New Castle County Council released a statement Sept. 18 after Newark City Council voted to approve a pedestrian and bicycle bridge connecting two parks in the Newark area.

The city’s longstanding project to construct a bridge over White Clay Creek along Paper Mill Road using state and federal funds was threatened this month when updated cost estimates revealed a $750,000 funding shortfall. After Newark City Council voted to end the project, state and local officials and others responded with new funding commitments to keep the project moving forward. Meyer offered to match any commitment from the city of Newark up to $200,000 in county funding, to be submitted to county council in the county’s fiscal 2019 or fiscal 2020 county capital budgets. Newark City Council met Sept. 18 and voted to reinstate the bridge project after receiving offers on financial support.

“The Charles Emerson Bridge project is a critical commuting and recreation link for pedestrians and bicyclists in the Newark area, and I am pleased that the county’s offer to match local dollars moved this project forward,” Meyer said. “This is a great example of federal-state-county-city collaboration, and we look forward to future opportunities to leverage limited taxpayer resources to honest, transparent and efficient outcomes.”