Delaware Governor John Carney on Thursday, June 1, released a statement following President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement:

“I am deeply disappointed that President Trump has chosen to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement that united nations across the globe in a fight against climate change. Already the effects of climate change are taking a toll on Delawareans, as sea levels rise and extreme weather events increase driven by warming of the planet from carbon dioxide. As one of the country’s lowest-lying states and with 381 miles of coastline, Delaware also is vulnerable to climate change’s ominous meteorological impacts. Sea level rise exacerbates flooding that occurs during storms and warming ocean waters may cause stronger hurricanes and tropical storms. More than 17,000 homes and 500 miles of roadway in the state are at risk of permanent inundation. Rising average temperatures and prolonged heat waves pose critical health threats to Delaware’s agriculturalists, outdoor workers, children, and elderly in particular. These threats will only increase. The world is now on notice that without the United States’ leadership in reducing greenhouse gases that fuel rapid climate change, it’s an even greater uphill battle for future generations facing this ever-encroaching threat.”

In May, Governor Carney joined 11 other governors in writing a letter to urge President Trump to keep the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement to reduce carbon pollution and combat climate change.