Avery to present first nationally published book

Philadelphia-based writer Marc Avery will premiere his debut novel, “Redemption Lost,” at the Hockessin Book Shelf on Saturday, April 29.

“Redemption Lost’ follows an aspiring young screenwriter and alcoholic who struggles with relationships following the revelation of a family secret.  Things only take a turn for the worse when he meets a woman that he believes is “the one.”

Avery has both self-published and small-press published in the past. “Lost” is his first nationally published novel by Urban Books, which is distributed by Kensington Publishing Corp., an imprint of Random House.

Q What genre would you say interests you most, as a writer and a reader?
A I enjoy reading and writing in the young adult and crime fiction genres. My debut novel, Redemption Lost, is young adult fiction and my next novel will be crime fiction. Young adult fiction allows me to make relatable content for young adults. Whereas writing crime fiction allows me to release my inner action junkie. At some point I hope to dip my toes into the sci-fi pool.

Q How would you describe your writing style, and what has influenced you as a writer?
A I would describe my writing style to be cinematic, emotional, and relatable. I say that because I want people to see the locations, feel the character’s pain, and to identify with the characters and their situations.

People, places and things influence me. It could be a beautiful voice I heard or an exotic place I read about. The great writers before me also influence me to put my own brand of greatness into the world.

Q You've been through many different stages of publishing: what advice would you give new writers who want to be published?

A I would give aspiring writers a list of five things to consider: Be persistent;  Keep researching; Have a solid business plan; Build a strong team of like-minded people willing to offer constructive criticism, but also able to help you achieve your goals; And, network and build relationships.

If you do these things you will end up where you want to be.