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Database: Help The News Journal track COVID-19 in Delaware schools

The Division of Public Health offers COVID-19 statistics at the state level. So, the News Journal created its own database to track COVID-19 cases in schools.

What does the presence of COVID-19 look like in Delaware schools? 

The Division of Public Health is offering statistics at the state level, but there is no one place for families and community members to get data broken down by school for a better picture of the presence of COVID-19 in classrooms. 

So, The News Journal created its own database. These numbers are compiled through Freedom of Information Act requests, public announcements released by schools, and crowdsourced notifications from readers. Any reader-submitted notifications are only included if they include official school communication. Schools are required to notify families any time someone in the building tests positive for COVID-19. 

It's important to note: Public health officials have said that any school-level data must come from the schools themselves. Public schools are subject to Freedom of Information Act requests. Private schools are not. 

Because of this difference in access of information, this database will likely skew more heavily toward public schools throughout the school year. Has your private school announced cases that aren't included on this list? Send them to education reporter Natalia Alamdari at

PARENTS WANT TO KNOW: If someone in school tests positive for COVID-19, who gets notified?

This school year started with most students learning online, while private school students and a handful of districts offered the option to attend in person. By now, most districts have transitioned to a hybrid model, but some students continue to learn exclusively from home. 

As of Nov. 13, the cumulative number of students and staff in schools who tested positive for COVID-19 since Sept. 1 totaled 360. That breaks down to 143 students and staff in private schools, and 217 students and staff in public schools. 

At the school level, the News Journal has been able to confirm 138 of those cases. 

Do you now of a case not listed? Let us know. You can use this form, or email notifications to education reporter Natalia Alamdari at 

Delaware schools with reported cases

Database last updated: Nov. 16

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