Last week, New Castle County Executive Thomas P. Gordon, in conjunction with the Director of Public Safety Joseph Bryant, Jr. unveiled the J. William Bell “Fusion Center.” The Fusion Center was dedicated to Councilman J. William “Bill” Bell for his lifelong commitment to the future and improvement of public safety.

The Fusion Center provides public safety with the ability to display and view real time pertinent information from different locations in the room simultaneously. The video wall consists of a 7’ x24’ display which weighs approximately 1800 pounds. The display consists of eighteen (18) 55 inch Christie Digital LED Displays, capable of displaying up to fifteen (15) video sources. The information can be displayed from different locations within the room and has the ability to record a training session in full HD.

The technology used in the Fusion Center was made possible by Integration Managed Services Staging (IMS) who was instrumental in assisting the Department of Public Safety with bringing an ideal into reality.

“This first of its kind video wall with the technology behind it allows us to seamlessly coordinate information from dozens of collection points including or latest New CAD system,” stated Chief Jeffrey Miller, Chief of New Castle County Emergency Communications. “All responders from seven (7) police agencies, 24 Fire and EMS agencies sharing information as it becomes available using in car laptops makes for a more informed first responder.”

Immediately after the dedication and grand opening, Colonel E. M. Setting, Chief of Police held the first Targeted Analytical Policing System (TAPS) meeting in the new “Fusion Center.”