Administration says no need to re-adjust modified calendar for missed day

Wednesday’s deluge left the Red Clay Consolidated School District without access to its bus fleet, giving the students yet another day off after missing numerous days this past winter.

However, another calendar adjustment is not likely forthcoming, according to assistant superintendent for district operations Ted Ammann.

Ammann said that they were contacted by several of their busing contractors early Thursday morning to let the district know that they were unable to access much of their fleet after moving them to higher ground the previous afternoon.

Ammann said the district uses five different contractors as well as their own fleet to transport students, with roughly 200 buses on the road on a daily basis.

“They had moved the buses to higher ground within the lot, but then the road accessing (the lot) was flooded,” Ammann said. “They couldn’t get them through.”

He also said that as of Thursday morning, no damage had been reported to the buses, although he was still waiting to hear back from all the contractors involved.

“The garage for at least one contractor had flooded and they lost power, but we don’t know if they’ve been allowed back in to assess the damage,” he said. “From what I understand, everything should be up and running by tomorrow.”

Regarding the missed school day, Ammann said that the teaching staff and administration were all expected to be in today, with teachers to use the time for professional development.

Ammann said the school board already approved a modified version of the 2013-14 calendar at their April meeting, in an effort to make up time from the nine days missed from December to March.

“The current calendar … has enough hours built into it that today will not be an issue,” he said. “We don’t envision any changes to it at this point. Of course, we didn’t envision today being what it was, so never say never.”

The modified calendar, approved in April, implemented the following changes:

Extending Friday, May 9 from a half-day to a full day of school Extending Monday to Thursday June 2 to June 5 from half-days to full days of school Extending the last day of school of school for students from Thursday June 5 to Friday June 6