Had not the 3 du Pont cousins: Alfred I, P.S. and T. Coleman bought the company from their uncles in 1902, Delaware would not be the place it is today

The DuPont Story A Family A Company Late February 1902. Alfred I.'s uncles (the 4 elders) were going to sell the company to a competitor from NY. He had been given a week to create a plan to purchase the company with his proclamation to them: "This company is a perpetual trust that must be preserved and passed along to future generations!" But the elders would not accept A.I. solely. Cousin T. Coleman from KY agreed to be part of it. From his home on DE Ave and Broom Sts, Coley called P.S., who was running a company in OH.
Coley: "I am willing to set aside my business and personal affairs to preside over the new company. Will you take over financial matters"?
P.S.: "Yes".
The conversation took less than 2 minutes. The expectations of all three of the mens' lives were changed with that conversation. P.S. brought along clerk JJ Raskob. (A huge percentage of all of Delwareans lives were changed by that phone call as well; the impact of the company on a global scale over 200+ years being so great.) Join our group of the same name.
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