Delaware Nature Society announced Jan. 10 that Brian Winslow resigned as executive director, effective Jan. 4.

Anne Harper, current director of sites, will serve as the acting executive director. Harper has more than 20 years of experi]

ence in nonprofit leadership and management in organizations dedicated to environmental education and youth development. Harper created and implemented community development education programs on a regional and national scale.

Current Director of Development and Marketing Joanne McGeoch will be the acting deputy executive director. McGeoch has 15 years of leadership experience in development serving nonprofits throughout the greater Philadelphia region, the last 10 years of which have been environmentally focused. With an emphasis on fundraising and capacity building, her expanded role will support strategic growth and impact.

Over the past six years, Winslow’s impact on the organization included growing Delaware Nature Society in size and stature, mounting the Clean Water Campaign, beginning the implementation of the Coverdale Farm Master Plan and completing an organization-wide strategic plan with an emphasis on connecting people to nature at preserved lands and sites.

The leadership team, including Director of Advocacy Brenna Goggin, Director of Conservation Ginger North and Director of Education and Organizational Development Helen Fischel, has deep tenure and leadership experience in nonprofit administration.

The 2018 Advocacy policy agenda will focus on three main areas:

— Ensuring clean water by encouraging investments at the state and federal level to improve water quality.

— Safeguarding land and habitat protection through the protection and preservation of open spaces, providing habitat for wildlife, replenishing the drinking water supply and removing pollutants from the air.

— Adapting for changing climate and clean energy by supporting efforts to slow and limit the damage caused by climate change, including improving energy conservation and efficiency, adopting renewable sources of energy and promoting the reduction of greenhouse gases.

In addition to advocacy initiatives, the society will begin laying the foundation and framework for its Regenerative Agriculture program at Coverdale Farm Preserve.

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