The National Weather Service has announced a winter weather advisory that will be in effect through Dec. 16.

Motorists should plan for slippery roadway conditions with one to three inches of snow projected. Commuters should also be prepared for reduced visibilities at times.

The Delaware Department of Transportation crews are pre-treating primary roads, bridges, overpasses and ramps with brine in Sussex County. In Kent and New Castle counties, residual salt is a sufficient pre-treatment ahead of this storm.

During plowing or salting operations, DelDOT recommends that motorists do not pass the plow, and drive a few car lengths from the back of the vehicle. During snowstorms, DelDOT takes precaution to minimize or prevent any damage to public or private property. If a mailbox or property was damaged, contact the Delaware Insurance Coverage Office at 877-277-4185 or email

Bridges, overpasses and ramps freeze sooner than approach roads. Slowing down before traveling over an elevated roadway and keeping steady momentum without braking will help keep control of a vehicle.

Variable message boards will be activated if needed, to notify drivers of imminent conditions.

When confronting winter storm conditions, DelDOT advises motorists to follow the following suggestions:

— Stay informed and plan ahead by listening to weather reports, run errands before the storm arrives and, if travel is necessary, leave plenty of time to reach your destination. If a trip can be delayed until after the storm passes, stay off the road.

— Be sure windows are free of ice and brush snow off the vehicle before departing.

— Slow down and don't use cruise control. Stopping distances are lengthened when driving on snow and ice.