Birds visiting during annual migration show displeasure over interrupting their rest

A gaggle of travelling Canada geese appeared to have a bit of a donnybrook while visiting the grounds of the nearly empty National Vulcanized Fiber plant in Yorklyn.  

The roughly 40 or so geese appeared to be resting during their annual migration south, while checking out the new retention pond recently completed by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

Although their meeting was largely peaceable, the presence of a random vehicle leaving Gun Club Road appeared to spark some sort of debate among the waterfowl.

While the vehicle passed without incident, the geese seemed to engage in a heated verbal exchange shortly after its passing, with raised voices and posturing involved in the fracas.

No one appeared to be injured, and no authorities were contacted. It is not certain when the geese had originally arrived, or how long they are staying.

The geese did not offer any comment following the brief incident.

NVF is the sight of an ongoing restoration and remediation project by the state of Delaware, after the purchase of the site in 2009 for roughly $80 million.